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Our vision is to make the people happier
Our mission is to provide the tools individuals and organizations need to create and sustain happiness.

12 Good Coaching Conversations

Following are some examples of how you work in coaching sessions on each aspect of life, which will prove that they ask powerful questions that makes the client think about their actions.

Happiness Play finalist in Mentor Day of the Canary Islands

Happiness Play had a pleasure of participating in the 33rd edition of Mentor Day Canarias 2018 where the team have met and learned from the leaders of the technology industry and e-commerce of Santa Cruz de Tenerife from June 4 to 8, 2018 and also had a face-to-face interaction with other startups from the Canary Islands, Valencia, Vizcaya , Zaragoza, Madrid or Lleida.

Happiness Play – new version for Android is ready!

New Happiness Play APP for Android. The aim of all these changes has been to enhance the user experience of our platform by making it more user-friendly. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to use Happiness Play so that you can gain the maximum benefits for your happiness.

Happiness Play Survey Results

People love Happiness Play! As we would like to know where we are and how are we going to grow in the market, we conducted an online survey to more than 2,370 people from 84 countries

Happiness Technology Market

The Happiness Technology market is in its infancy but has been estimated to be $5.2b CAGR 4.5% yr. Happiness Play is not the first product into this market and has the following principal competitors who are…

Our Methodological Approach

Our Methodological Approach to an automation coaching that enables users to identify their level of happiness in various areas of life, isolate factors that influence happiness in those areas, and select that can improve their happiness in areas with a low happiness measurement.

Happiness Play Executive Summary

Happiness Play is the latest entry into the international happiness technology market which is based on ten years of research in coaching, mentoring, leadership, and positive psychology.

Products and services
Happiness Play
Happiness Play Pro
Happiness Technology


A methodology that helps everyone to define few changes to enhance their happiness with a few easy steps
Happiness Play

Happiness Play

A responsive web-based tool that helps you to be happier by adding a technology in your life
Happiness Play Pro Technology

Happiness Play Pro

A web-based technology that supports companies and professionals
Available in APP Store and Google Play

How to be happy

How to be happy

Our Company
We are the solution that enables you to take hold of your life and be happier. Research began over 10 years ago with the intention to design a methodology that would provide individuals and organizations with tools to measure and continually improve happiness. Over the years Happiness Play, Auto-Coaching and Pedro Amador, our founder, presence on social and traditional media speaking about the methodology outlined in his 3 published books has increased substantially. In addition to our strong presence in the media we have been developing and testing the technology which converts the methodology from a traditional book to an innovative app with over 30,000 users and 4,300 individuals trained using the methodology.
Our vision is to make the people happier. Our mission is to provide the tools individuals and organizations need to create and sustain happiness. Happiness is a journey and we believe in supporting, through innovative scientific methodologies, the organizations and individuals, to achieve and sustain suitable levels of happiness.

Number of users

Number of professionals

Our first milestone was the development of the Autocoaching Methodology. With a few easy steps, everybody can define a few changes to enhance their own happiness. In order to get there, they need to establish their strong and weak points to improve their behaviors and attitudes.

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The technology that enables you to take hold of your life and be happier

How to be happy
How to be happy

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Forever Living
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