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We have a web-based technology that effective outcomes for both organization and professionals. Our solutions allow the construction of the company of the future by offering value to all users, whether internal (employees or shareholders) or external (customers or suppliers).

The Complete Software Solution to Chief Human Resource Officers

Innovative technology: An easily customizable solution with a cloud-based system that is compatible with all the devices and helps you with the best practices and trends to formulate your strategy.

Monitoring & Reporting: Individual control to see how committed your users are and complete statistics to know their preferences.

Customize catalogs: A fast personalization of the catalogs allows a quick ROI thanks to its low cost of ownership.

Happiness Play the best solution to be happy

To CHRO and HR


For your employees

The relationship between employee and employer has changed: use Happiness Play Pro software to improve your employee value proposition.

For your employees

Happiness Play Pro, employee-oriented, supports full happiness processes. Helping companies to get a quick productivity. Happiness Play Pro can help the company gets employees more productive, more motivation, loyalty, satisfaction and professionalism through self-improvement. There are several advantages, for both employees and the company, including noteworthy:

Using a web tool that allows us to bring personal growth to a greater number of people on a very economical way.

Using a software tool to bring the processes of personal growth to a greater number of employees in a very economical way.

Professionalize the process of happiness. Using a comprehensive and adaptable methodology. Where it is possible to save one or two sessions by performing the employee themselves their own process of initial analysis.

Monitoring of the main processes of happiness with a web tool.

Knowing the factors and changes more demanded by the employees, evaluating their effect on the working environment.

Happiness Play the best solution to be happy

To marketing and communication


For your customers

When you regularly use this application, the company achieved greater brand relevance and knowledge of the preferences of its current and future customers.

For your customers

Happiness Play Pro, aimed at customers or shareholders, supports the complex process of change for the pursuit of happiness, and provides, among others, the following advantages:

Using a happiness solution that allows us to bring personal growth to a greater number of people in a very economical way.

Enhancing communication with customers and shareholders by creating, with each of them, a unique and unrepeatable relationship.

Increasing brand loyalty, generating sympathy for a company committed to the personal growth and happiness.

Monitoring of all processes of user access to the solution.

Knowing the users' preferences, their tastes and the most requested changes.

Happiness Play the best solution to be happy

How is the professional solution

A simple interface that will help you, without training, to develop and manage the process of happiness of your organization