Happiness Play has been nominated for the world’s top wellness award. An initiative of the World Happiness Foundation, World Happiness Fest and the UPEACE Center for Executive Education of the United Nations.

It is an award, a recognition of the systematic and sustained work that we have been doing in search of a better world, of contributing our grain of sand to the well-being and happiness of the world around us.

Studies and practices related to happiness at work are growing throughout the world, but also in all aspects of human life and, within this framework, the work carried out by the international organization and the University is fundamental. for Peace, of the United Nations (UN).

“Happiness is not measured, it is managed”

During the last years, many companies did a lot of different ways to measure the happiness of the people. Happiness is personal. Our founder Pedro Amador, developed this correct tool that will aid the government to identify the accurate state of happiness of the people and help them manage and improve it in order to have a sustainable, mentally and physically healthy citizens. With this covid-19, the more that the people will need our tool to help them manage their happiness. Our tool addresses the 3rd goal of UN towards sustainability which is “Good health and well-being”.

Our founder, Pedro Amador, passionate about technology since his childhood, understood a new work model to manage happiness based on different disciplines that indicate a shared responsibility for happiness between employees and companies or citizens and cities. Leaving aside the social statistics tools, which are only valid for making approximations, and after verifying the intercultural difference that existed between various countries, he has created the first technology that allows people to manage their happiness.

After generating the first clients, participating in numerous conferences and winning various nominations in international entrepreneurship awards, it is this year 2020, when technology has returned to the first focus of companies, and a demand for Happiness Play technology has appeared. Because happiness is not measured, it is managed. A new commercial channel has been generated in LATAM, and the first prototypes are being carried out in clients of a certain size.

How to vote for the happiness award

To vote, you just have to access this link where you can find Happiness Play’s candidacy for the Word Happiness Awards and click where it indicates to vote. You don’t have to register, you don’t have to leave any personal information. Nothing. Just hit the vote button.

Thank you very much! Your vote is very important!

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