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Happiness Play


Our vision is to make the people happier


Our mission is to provide the tool that will support and guide the people in the happiness process.

Highlights Happiness Play

• Over 30,000 users, 500% growth last year
• Proven traction with large enterprise clients including Nivea ($100k)
• Forecast a market share of $10M in happiness tech in 2 years
• Live tested platform – 5 releases in 10 years www.happinessplay.com
• Currently based in Dubai but with huge growth market worldwide

In Happiness Play we started a research 10 years ago with a complete methodology to help you to be happier: strong media presence, 3 books, 25+ customers tested (inc. enterprise companies), 4,300+ people trained, 30,000+ users, that gave us the insight to launch in 2016 Happiness Play in Dubai.

Founded by a successful technopreneur and world happiness expert, the company’s vision is to provide the tools to allow everyone to achieve greater happiness.

Their B2C offering serves as a personal happiness assistant, helping individuals focus on their wellbeing goals. For B2B, Happiness Play Pro can help companies’ Human Resource department to achieve higher employee productivity and Marketing department improve customer loyalty.

With 4 governments now appointing Ministers for Happiness, including the UAE, and increasing global awareness of national happiness levels, there is a huge demand for a government solution, which the team are working to provide.

Products and services

Proven Methodology


Happiness Play

Happiness Play Pro

Why to invest in happiness

The Business

  • We believe in methodologies to help people and we avoid easy suggestions and magic recipes. To do so, we apply technology to coaching philosophies and work to allow the largest number of people to benefit from this mix.
  • For B2C, we support with a personal happiness assistant to our end-users, helping them focus on their wellbeing goals. Happiness Play is a freemium responsive web-based tool and APP that helps you to be happier by adding technology to your life.
  • For B2B, we help a company’s Human Resource department to achieve higher employee productivity and Marketing department to achieve customer loyalty. Happiness Play Pro is a web-based technology that supports companies, governments, and professionals. Software as a Service model.Proof
  • Due to high demand, we are creating B2G solution.
Why to invest in happiness

The Market

The World Happiness Report published in 2012 by United Nations, chaired by the Prime Minister of Bhutan, happiness is considered to be the proper measure of social progress and the goal of public policy. Four national governments: Bhutan, Ecuador, UAE and Russia have appointed ministers of happiness responsible for coordinating their national efforts. Ohood Al Roumi, UAE Minister of State for Happiness is managing an indirect budget of $25 billion.

Happiness SW market exists and there is an opportunity to grow as government- $5.2billion CAGR 4.5% yr.

Main Competitors:

  • Happify (+16.5M funding)
  • The Happiness Index Ltd (+710K$ funding)
  • Lumos Labs, Inc.(+$67.5M total funding)
  • The Happiness Challenge and Memorado (+$4.6M total funding)
Why to invest in happiness


• 1st happiness catalog in the world that helps you to select what you want, create and manage your changes (done with 10 consultants, 5 dvlps, 3 designers) -> 5 Releases in 10 yrs
• Proven methodologies: 415 users of 24 countries tested
• Growth of 500% in new users last year
• Big customers reference
• +30,000 active users

Happiness Play Pro for employees

Happiness Play, employee-oriented, supports full happiness processes. Helping companies to get a quick productivity.

Happiness Play Pro for customers

Happiness Play, aimed at customers or shareholders, supports the complex process of change for the pursuit of happiness.

Why to invest in happiness


The main objective of this Happiness Technology is to become the reference tool for personal and professional growth for businesses and individuals. It is estimated to gain in two years a market share of $10M in happiness technology solutions.

A detailed roadmap is included in the business plan but the main ideas are as follows:
• 2017 – Pilot launch to B2B customers and focus on growth to B2C market leader
• 2018 – Pilot launch to B2G segment
• 2019 – Stability in B2C, B2B and B2G segments
• 2020 – Become the reference tool for Dubai 2020

Why to invest in happiness

Competitive Advantage

The process of innovation is strategic, showing a clear value differentiation:
• From filling surveys-psychological assessment to capturing holistic human-centered emotions and well-being
• From reflections and sharing pleasant moments to a complete Happiness Solution.
• From reporting to advanced KPI with a real-time measure that ensures the commitment of the employee in the process.

Our Clients

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