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Happiness Play
Our vision is to make the people happier
Our mission is to provide the tools individuals and organizations need to create and sustain happiness.

Happiness is not measured, it is managed.

HappinessPlay is the new solution that enables individuals and organizations to review their current happiness level and create an action plan to improve individual happiness or employee engagement across the organization.

During the last years, many companies did a lot of different ways to measure the happiness of the people. Happiness is personal. Our founder Pedro Amador, developed this correct tool that will aid the government to identify the accurate state of happiness of the people and help them manage and improve it in order to have a sustainable, mentally and physically healthy citizens. With this covid-19, the more that the people will need our tool to help them manage their happiness. Our tool addresses the 3rd goal of UN towards sustainability which is “Good health and well-being”.

Research began over 12 years ago with the intention to develop an innovative methodology that would provide individuals and organizations with tools to measure and continually improve their happiness. Over the years Auto-Coaching and Pedro Amador, our founder, have perfected the methodology yielding a positive impact.

In the modern world of technology and apps HappinessPlay has been created to allow a wider audience to take advantage of this methodology with the development of a B2C product for individuals and a B2B product for governments/organizations who wish to engage their employees therefore supporting increased efficiency.

Our founder, Pedro Amador, passionate about technology since his childhood, understood a new work model to manage happiness based on different disciplines that indicate a shared responsibility for happiness between employees and companies or citizens and cities. Leaving aside the social statistics tools, which are only valid for making approximations, and after verifying the intercultural difference that existed between various countries, he has created the first technology that allows people to manage their happiness.

After generating the first clients, participating in numerous conferences and winning various nominations in international entrepreneurship awards, it is this year 2020, when technology has returned to the first focus of companies, and a demand for Happiness Play technology has appeared. Because happiness is not measured, it is managed.

Highlights Happiness Play

• Over 33,000 users, 278% growth last year
• Proven traction with large enterprise clients including Nivea ($100k)
• Forecast a market share of $10M in happiness tech in 2 years
• Live tested platform – 5 releases in 10 years www.happinessplay.com
• Currently based in Madrid but with huge growth market worldwide

Why to invest in Happiness
Products and services

Proven Methodology


Happiness Play

Happiness Play

Happiness Play Pro

Happiness Play Pro
Why to invest in happiness
The Business
  • Making the methodology available to individuals and organizations at a cost effective rate to promote widespread application.
  • Happiness Play (B2C) app/web solution provides users with:
    • Tools to assess their current happiness/satisfaction levels using the Wheel of Life tool which has been in use across coaching circles for many years.
    • The ability to create a list of the desired levels of happiness/satisfaction within each element of their lives, while providing a detailed database of possibilities and suggestions to help the user to get started.
    • Finally, the tool allows the user to create a realistic plan of action in the desired areas the user wants to change. Additionally, progress towards milestones can be measured and rewards for success documented.
  • B2B/B2G- HappinessPlay Pr (B2B/B2G) tools provide the organization with:
    • Access for all employees to Happiness Play (B2C) which assists in gathering information on the current happiness/satisfaction levels of the employees within the organization. Additional features will be available to measure the employee engagement through survey tools shortly.
    • The organization will have tools to analysis the happiness/satisfaction levels of employees in real-time which facilitates making changes to policies, procedures or practices across the organization to improve employee engagement.
    • The organization will be able to design targeted messages (push technology) or surveys to allow communicating specific messages relating to employee engagement or to launch an on-the-spot survey to gain a feel for what is the mood of the organization.is a web-based technology that supports organizations, governments, and professionals to measure and improve current happiness levels across a number of interactions. Software as a Service model.
Why to invest in happiness
The Market

Happiness Technology is in its infancy across the globe but is gaining strength with many governments publishing strategies to support the improvement of the happiness of their citizens. Additionally, many large corporate organizations are actively implementing an increasing number of employee engagement initiatives to assist in the reduction of operating costs.

The World Happiness Report published in 2012 by United Nations, chaired by the Prime Minister of Bhutan, happiness is considered to be the proper measure of social progress and the goal of public policy. Four national governments: Bhutan, Ecuador, UAE and Russia have appointed ministers of happiness responsible for coordinating their national efforts. Ohood Al Roumi, UAE Minister of State for Happiness is managing an indirect budget of $25 billion.

This sector is believed to continue to grow by 4.5% annually from its current value of $5.2 Billion estimated in 2016. We estimate that over the next two years to grow Happiness Play to 0.2% market share equating to $10 Million, from our base in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Madrid (Spain)

Main Competitors:

  • Happify (+16.5M funding)
  • The Happiness Index Ltd (+710K$ funding)
  • Lumos Labs, Inc.(+$67.5M total funding)
  • The Happiness Challenge and Memorado (+$4.6M total funding)
Why to invest in happiness

• 1st happiness catalog in the world that helps you to select what you want, create and manage your changes (done with 10 consultants, 5 dvlps, 3 designers) -> 5 Releases in 10 yrs
• Proven methodologies: 415 users of 24 countries tested
• Growth of 300% in new users last year
• Big customers reference
• +33,000 active users

Executive Summary

Happiness Play supports full happiness processes. Helping organizations to get a quick productivity.

Why to invest in happiness

The main objective of this Happiness Technology is to become the reference tool for personal and professional growth for businesses and individuals. It is estimated to gain in two years a market share of $10M in happiness technology solutions. A new commercial channel has been generated in LATAM, and the first prototypes are being carried out in clients of a certain size.

A detailed roadmap is included in the business plan but the main ideas are as follows:
• 2021 – Pilot launch to B2B customers and focus on growth to B2C market leader
• 2022 – Pilot launch to B2G segment – Stability in B2C, B2B and B2G segments

Why to invest in happiness
Competitive Advantage
Happiness Play stands out from the competitors in the fact that is provides individuals with a tool to assess their current happiness while providing them with an extensive range of suggestions/tools to create an action plan on how to change their happiness. Happiness Play Pro stands out from its competitors in the complexity of analysis of trends within the community to assist the organization to create a more intelligent action plan to improve employee happiness and engagement.

The integration of this Happiness Play Pro tool into any local or federal government strategy will assist the government to assess the happiness of the community and create strategies to continually improve the happiness index of the city, state and country.

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