Our new app for Android is almost ready! Thank You all for being patient with us but we want to ensure before we launch this to you all that everything is perfect. The main updates.

  • New interface. We have made the navigation bars clearer and easier to understand. The top navigation bar is now in text and is more intuitive.
  • Improve the login experience. Faster. Easier.
  • Always updated: on the right of the home page, you can also see our latest blog posts and useful information about Happiness Play keeping you up to date with any news, new releases, and tips we might send out.


The aim of all these changes has been to enhance the user experience of our platform by making it more user-friendly. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to use Happiness Play so that you can gain the maximum benefits for your happiness.

We hope you like the new interface! Is coming soon! Check it in Play Store in this link.

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