Happiness Play offers you a powerful virtual assistant of life that will help you be happier as a result of the innovative technology. It will help you assess your current state, to know what you want in life and set landmarks easily. You’ll have at all times a virtual assistant to help you achieve your goals, confidential.

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Does this serve me?

You have a virtual assistant that will support your way of life, both personal and professional, that will make you think about what makes you happy. While the support of a professional (coach, psychologist, mentor,...) to help us reach the goal faster is recommended, it is the perfect tool to know if you really need help.

Once we spent time guiding our state, desired and necessary changes, our commitment is the only one will be motivated us to get results. Because our happiness is generated only when we activate our internal engine and we get down to work. Enough of meaningless complaining. Let us be responsible for our life. No tips on what is good and what is bad. No formulas or magic pills that we often see on television. Only the commitment that everyone has to take charge of their life.

What method do you use?

Happiness Play is based on the methodology explained in the Free book-blog www.ConseguirLaFelicidad.com: an initial picture of our current status with The Wheel of Life is made; our needs and preferences (conditions) are better known relying on an extensive catalog with thousands of suggested options; and finally, some changes aimed at obtaining the lead in our lives are marked

You will follow these steps:

  • How am I: Initial photo of your mood using the Wheel of Life, where the degree of happiness is broken down into several areas of life, health, work, leisure, love ... that will be assessed from 0 to 10.
  • What I want: Select what (conditions or factors) you want in each area of life same when you are making a Letter to Santa Claus or Baby Jesus. Also, the management of various factors indicating their need, motivation, and ranking. In this step, you will need to complete catalog of suggested options, which required years of research, which will help you know what you want in life.
  • What am I going to change: where you will perform actions on a given date, to get everything you set your mind. The web will be sent a reminder when the compromised date approaches. You can access a report, that will make you reflecting on your life and will work out it, if you want a professional who can help you as well with it is overcome all obstacles and achieve your goals. You will see how easy it is to manage your happiness with the Technology of Happiness!

You can access a report that will make you reflect on your life and will be very useful if you want a professional who can also help you overcome all obstacles and achieve your goals. You'll see how easy it is to manage your happiness with the Technology of Happiness!

What differs from other existing methods

This tool offers a complete catalog of preferences and changes that will help us choose what we want and what we will change. Other applications for personal and professional growth are based on questionnaires that will define a type of person or behavior and that offer "advice or activities" to do to improve. But, the ability to choose and feel supported, is unique in the Technology of Happiness.

Does it have any cost?

The annual cost is less than many self-help books... you can’t miss it! The annual subscription has an interesting discount, but you can start testing with no fixed term (less than 5 US dollars per month). The annual subscription has an interesting discount, but you can start testing one month ... and see how you enjoy this virtual assistant in your life! Without commitments to stay!

What about my privacy?

Yes, your financial data will always be protected by the company PayPal, our company are not managing the process of your banking information. We care for the privacy, so we made sure to encrypt the information used in the system. Please consult our privacy policy by clicking on the bottom menu.

How do I register on the web?

To access the web introduce in the browser //www.HappinessPlay.com and select the option "Start a free trial" as shown in the figure below (you can also use the top menu "Free trial! ").

You can register using the most important social networks, and only introducing some necessary data. Remember that your data is confidential and stored including procedures of greater security.

You may also have received an invitation from a professional which you must have indicated your e-mail previously. Check your junk mail (SPAM) in case there is any problem with shipping. Now you just have to confirm the incoming e-mail.

How do I make the payment? Is it safe?

If you have not been invited by a professional, you must make the subscription by the secure platform PayPal in American dollars USD (prices images are approximate and may vary by time).

Once confirmed the payment, PayPal will send us an e-mail confirmation and we can access the application.

Happiness Play the best happiness technology

What forms of payment do you accept?

Subscriptions are paid by PayPal that accepts debit card, credit (Master, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Aurora Card), or PayPal account and are always made in US dollars (if you make the payment with another currency, will be made the conversion automatically by PayPal).

In what currency are indicated the prices?

All prices are quoted in US dollars, PayPal performing automatic conversion currency to use in payment.

How do I access the web?

Once the user is confirmed, you can access by pressing "Login" on the home screen.

IMPORTANT: The username to access the web will always be the e-mail, and password which you specified.

How can I recover my password?

If you have forgotten or deleted the confirmation email, just access the web and on top enter our e-mail and indicate "I forgot my password" to receive a new password in the email.

Recover passsowrd happiness technology

Happiness Play the best happiness tool

You will receive an e-mail in your mail account (check the spam folder, if not received), with instructions to reset your password:

Happiness Play the best happiness tool

Clicking on the link "Click here to change your password" you will access the web and you can change your new password:

Happiness Play the best happiness tool

Step 1 - How do I make the wheel of life??

The Wheel of Life is the initial step of the methodology. It helps to visualize the happiness of each individual, breaking the degree of happiness in various areas of life that will be assessed from 0 to 10. In this figure, the aspects of life or areas today are scored, specifying the outside of the circle the highest rating (10) and the inside the smallest (0). The better assess an area, more portion will be highlighted thus representing the highest score. The areas that make up this Wheel of Life are:

  • Work or Professional development: motivation and satisfaction that makes us work or work we develop.
  • Personal Growth: rate our degree of fulfillment in life.
  • Money: satisfaction we have with the money we use in our daily lives.
  • Leisure: where the free time that you have is valued. You should not assess whether or not you have free time in here, but the quality of the entertainment that is enjoyed.
  • Love: is valued here our current state of seeking/wanting/enjoying love.
  • Home: rate here is our home, neighborhood, city, country.
  • Family and Friends: this section evaluates each social circle.
  • Health: where our physical and mental strength is valued.
Now we have to select the estimated note marking on the left side to go valuing our current level of happiness. You can also click directly on the graph of the selected wheel and go selecting your notes. Once we have all values will click Save and continue. You can also share your wheel of life on Twitter or Facebook.

Step 2 - How do I select what I want in life?

After performing the Wheel of Life in each area we need to list those conditions (or preferences or aspects) we would like to have. For example: "I would like to live close to the office". This list of conditions is personal and varies for each person and it is important to include all conditions that we would like to have, whether we have them or not.

For the creation of this list is used as a reference a catalog of options that allows us to select our preferences in a list of thousands of options.

Happiness Play the best happiness tool

  • To choose these conditions there are several possibilities: you can select one of the existing list (which suggests the catalog) or can suggest a new one (if it doesn’t already exist).
  • To select an existing condition, we start selecting the drop down to form the desired phrase. When it is valid, will appear in the lower box, and you can press add. We can always press the "trash icon" to delete the selected option.

Happiness Play the best happiness tool

  • If our choice is not in the system, we can include it (in this case "my house has views to the house of my mother") and click Add. But it is preferable to seek and use the options recommended by the system through the catalog of options because then it recommends changes automatically.

Step 2B - How do I tell what is true in my life?

Now you will tell if the conditions are met or not. To start working on your goal, you have to mark those conditions currently met in your life and the ones that don’t for each of the areas. Therefore, it will be easier to know what to work on.

Step 2C - How do I order what I want in my life?

According to our Methodology the conditions are the things we like to have in our lives. It may be that for our happiness we have included something that we imperatively specify (a necessary condition) or simply that we'd like to have (motivating condition). Therefore, we find the following types of conditions (or factors):

  • Necessary conditions: are the minimum requirements or issues that must be met so that no stress or dissatisfaction is generated.
  • Motivating conditions: they are those optional requirements that if they are, the better, but nothing would happen without if we don’t have them.

Listed the conditions a degree of awareness of all one wants and does not want in life to be happy is achieved. In this new step you should indicate whether each condition is necessary or motivating. Consider a simple example to better understand the classification:

Example Consider for a moment that we are out of our home several months for work and need a hotel. The necessary conditions would normally have a bed, a room with shower and toilet. This is what almost everyone would understand at least to call it a hotel, and when you do not have them, stress occurs. And for motivating conditions? They are all those details that if they are yes, we are very well, but if they doesn’t, it does not matter. For example; one satellite connection to watch many TV channels; some nice bottles with soap and hygiene kits; etc.

Therefore, we will classify conditions. We just have to first select the area and then arrange the conditions that have previously drag on the necessary areas (what you need) or motivating (what you like). Once we have finished sorting conditions (by dragging them into the necessary area or motivating) we can go to the next step.

Step 3 - How I set changes within me?

The changes are those actions with which you commit to steering to achieve the desired happiness. It is important to have the initial value for wanting to improve, and once indicated the changes, have the commitment to realize them. To enable the user to achieve a greater degree of happiness is necessary that a set of changes to be marked to get to meet all its conditions. Changes like conditions, are personal and never generalizable by race, religion or sex, although you can find conductive patterns.

Components of change

The main components that should be included to define a change are the description, the different options or scenarios to achieve and the commitment date. Optionally we can include a prize or a reminder.

  • • Description of the Change: an objective phrase that should be concrete and measurable.
  • • Scenarios or Options: different ways or paths to get to make the change. Typically there are several steps to take to get change, and it is always necessary to understand all obstacles that may arise, and to know all aid that could be helpful.
  • • Date: time when we are committed to having the complete or completed change.
  • • Reward: optionally may include an award that will materialize when getting the change.
  • • Reminders: understood as those things that make us remember our task. For example, a post-it that reminds us of something or its equivalent in the electronic format that reminds us what we have to do.

Example An example summarized and orderly to help you more easily fix commented points: to gain five to six in the area of health, I pledge to reduce cigarette smoke (specific objective), down from thirty to ten cigarettes per day (measurable), quitting smoking two per week, so in ten weeks (specific date) I have reached my goal. I define a list of things I need to do to get it(shares):
  • Do not move or be around other people who smoke
  • Do not go out with my friends on Fridays to avoid temptations
  • Clean the ashtray of my car to smell good


The idea now is to get marked changes for all the conditions that are not met. Now we can select the conditions that we want to see fulfilled and the system will offer us a change from the more than 10,000 it has. When we have found the change to include, we only have to press to select the date on which we are committed to it and the prize we’ll give ourselves.

Happiness Play the best happiness tool

You can also include a change ourselves if we press on If you do not find the change you want, suggest us that change. After entering the text, date and gift associated with that change, click Add Change. Once we're done, just click Save and continue to the next step.

You can also delete the change if you are not convinced or indicate whether he has already served.

How do I look in the future?

It is defined as "Future I" the desires whose realization is drawn and are achievable in long term (meaning a horizon of about 10 years). These desires must be written in several paragraphs in the most specifically way as possible, avoiding generalities (eg. "I want to be happy," "I have money", "I want to be healthy") and seeking specific points that make you vibrate, stimulating the achieving of changes by the person.

  To better define this section, simply answer the questions: Where do we want to go in the future? How would we like us to be remembered? What do we do with the rest of our lives? A simple exercise is to consider the following question: "Look Twenty years from now ... you're in public in a scenario where someone is going to give a speech about you ... what do you want them to say?".

Happiness Play the best happiness tool

Once the process is finished, what else can I do?

Once we have finished the first steps, the system shows a screen in which the most important information of our personal process is summarized.

HappinessPlay la mejora herramienta de coaching

It is important to note that the system will send an e-mail to remind the changes to which we are committed. It is a good time to re-access the system and make a new Wheel of Life.

In the Summary menu, we can see the summary information that has been created so far. You can return any of the 6 steps of the methodology to complete any new information.

How do I get my progress report?

From this menu Summary, you can access the progress report which is a good starting point to provide any professional to help you (coach, mentor, consultant, etc.).

How do I cancel the service?

Select the "Remove account" option found in edit profile, and confirm the e-mail you receive.

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