HappinessPlay offers you a powerful virtual assistant of life that will help you be happier as a result of the innovative technology. It will help you assess your current state, to know what you want in life and set landmarks easily. You’ll have at all times a virtual assistant to help you achieve your goals, confidential. 
You have a virtual assistant that will support your way of life, both personal and professional, that will make you think about what makes you happy. While the support of a professional (coach, psychologist, mentor,...) to help us reach the goal faster is recommended, it is the perfect tool to know if you really need help.

Once we spent time guiding our state, desired and necessary changes, our commitment is the only one will be motivated us to get results. Because our happiness is generated only when we activate our internal engine and we get down to work. Enough of meaningless complaining. Let us be responsible for our life. No tips on what is good and what is bad. No formulas or magic pills that we often see on television. Only the commitment that everyone has to take charge of their life.
Our Technology of Happiness has been based on the Autocoaching methodology explained in the Free book-blog www.ConseguirLaFelicidad.com: an initial picture of our current status with The Wheel of Life is made; our needs and preferences (conditions) are better known relying on an extensive catalog with thousands of suggested options; and finally, some changes aimed at obtaining the lead in our lives are marked.  

Coaching report

You will follow these steps:
  • How am I: Initial photo of your mood using the Wheel of Life, where the degree of happiness is broken down into several areas of life, health, work, leisure, love ... that will be assessed from 0 to 10.
    Coaching report

  • What I want: Select what (conditions or factors) you want in each area of life same when you are making a Letter to Santa Claus or Baby Jesus. Also, the management of various factors indicating their need, motivation, and ranking. In this step, you will need to complete catalog of suggested options, which required years of research, which will help you know what you want in life.

    Coaching report
  • What am I going to change: where you will perform actions on a given date, to get everything you set your mind. The web will be sent a reminder when the compromised date approaches. You can access a report, that will make you reflecting on your life and will work out it, if you want a professional who can help you as well with it is overcome all obstacles and achieve your goals. You will see how easy it is to manage your happiness with the Technology of Happiness!

  • Coaching report

That technology includes many advantages as the absolute privacy of the process (since a professional it is not obliged to intervene), or significant financial savings. Thousands of users have used this tool developed since 2006 by a full team of experts, and that is recommended in the best schools and universities of personal and professional growth (with a version for professionals).

The annual cost is less than many self-help books... you can’t miss it! The annual subscription has an interesting discount, but you can start testing with no fixed term (less than 5 US dollars per month).

HappinessPlay Technology

Yes, your financial data will always be protected by the company PayPal, our company are not managing the process of your banking information. We care for the privacy, so we made sure to encrypt the information used in the system. Please consult our privacy policy by clicking on the bottom menu.

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