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Service description

Happiness Play provides in its pages some services that support the processes of personal and professional growth. Happiness Play is intended to provide no illicit, pornographic, racist, xenophobic, degrading, or tasteless content in their systems. The user agrees not to introduce any content in this sense, as well as notify the administrator of this system in case of finding any. The user is solely responsible for the contents that he has entered. Happiness Play tries to act in good faith, contributing to technological and social development. If you find any content that you think might harm a product you own (by direct references), feel free to contact the administrator to remove it from the system. Our Methodology Autocoaching┬ę is fully registered both in its trade name in Spain as the Community trade mark in the European Union (006176101), National Brand in Spain (2871255/20), methodology used (Register M-5105/200), databases M-5107/200), contents (Register M-5105/200) and drawings (Deposit number in Spain D 0504703-001 to 010). Other international registrations in the United States (77220344), Canada (1354774), Brazil (900739770), Argentina (2765037), Colombia (10 010261), Venezuela (07-21418), ... The user will not reuse any content owned by Happiness Play in any medium or format.

General Conditions

The use of Happiness Play implies the unconditional acceptance of the conditions in this document. The access and use of the system will not provide users with any privilege or right over the ownership of the content published here. Happiness Play warns that the motivating and hygienic factors and conditions and suggested changes are merely informative, and is not responsible for their misinterpretation or use. Happiness Play is not responsible for the incorrectness, inaccuracy, lack of correction of the indicated contents. Happiness Play does not guarantee the topicality or accuracy of the information displayed on its pages. Happiness Play is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage by the user when making use of them. Likewise, Happiness Play is not responsible for any possible direct or indirect damage to the user due to lack of availability of the system (whatever the cause), loss of data or lack of timeliness or accuracy of the same. Happiness Play warns users that attempted transgression of security and access systems may involve civil and criminal liability. Happiness Play reserves the right to suspend or change the terms of service at any time at any time and without prior notice. Happiness Play also reserves the right to limit or eliminate access to its systems to the extent it deems it appropriate and without prior notice. Happiness Play reserves the right to update, change and delete the content displayed on its pages (including data entered by users), at any time and without prior notice.

Processing of personal data

Happiness Play is committed to complying with all regulations related to the processing of personal data. The data entered by the user, in the appropriate forms, will be stored in a database (or datafile). In compliance with current regulations, this file is registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency on June 18, 2007, under number T07498 / 2007. The user will be responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of the data he has entered. The user must only provide any data in his own name, and it is expressly prohibited to act on behalf of third parties. By entering your email address you agree to receive the necessary emails in the same way also accept that you will receive notifications of improvement, recommendations, newsletters and other notifications (including advertising). Happiness Play will ask its users for the data necessary to provide the service. The user of this service may request access to, modification or deletion of his data through the forms provided for that purpose or by contacting admin [@] AutoCoaching.es. To do this, you must provide the user you have. The user, in some cases, may receive and/or may enter a password to ensure that he is the only person who can update or delete the data entered by him. The maintenance of the confidentiality of the passwords, that are provided in the different services of Happiness Play, will be of exclusive responsibility of the user. In the case of loss or suspicion of dissemination of a password, the user should contact the administrator immediately. Happiness Play will not be able to forward the password to the user after the first shipment because it is stored coded. It will always be possible to request a new one by contacting the administrator or using the form for this purpose. Unsolicited personal information to the user and provided to Happiness Play, for example, free text fields, will be public, that is, it may be accessible by all users who had access to those fields. If the user does not want the information provided to be accessible to anyone, do not enter it in the free text fields or do not register with this service. We recommend that you do not provide more information than is strictly necessary. Due to special treatment that requires certain data, it is strictly forbidden to enter personal information and especially concerning: political affiliation, sexual preferences, banking data, religion, beliefs, health, racial or ethnic origin. In case you want to modify or delete the data provided by the user, you can contact the administrator and in the shortest possible time, we will respond to your request.

Any claim against Happiness Play will be subject exclusively to the Spanish laws and to the Courts and Courts of Madrid (Spain). Do not hesitate to make any inquiry in the following form where we will attend to you as soon as possible.