Happy Day!, and now we are in the Final Wadi Accelerator: “Thank you for applying to our program and sharing with us your exciting startup details. We received a total of 309 applications, the shortlisting process was very competitive and we are excited to inform you that your application has made it through to the first interview with the Accelerator team.”

Wadi Accelerator program: The Oman Accelerator Fund is a seed stage fund and accelerator program, founded by the Oman Tech Fund, advised by 500 Startups. Wadi Accelerator will primarily invest post-product, with some user traction and evidence of product/market fit at the seed stage at an initial ticket size of US $100K for 10% equity, following on investments based on achieved traction performance at US $100K-400K.

Awards Happiness Play

These are all the awards of Happiness Play:

· Finalist in Civica Conference – European Venture Conquest – Pamplona, Spain 2011
· Finalist in EVS Conference – European Venture Summit. Düsseldorf, Germany 2011
· Supported by Spain Government – Financial Investment €30K Enisa. Madrid, Spain 2012
· Short Listed in Dubai-Future Accelerator – Dubai, UAE 2016
· Finalist in CASCS Conference – Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest- Dubai, UAE 2016
· Finalist in “Pitch, please! contest” – SME BEYOND BORDERS. Dubai, UAE 2016
· Finalist (Runner up) – Arabnet Startup Battle in Dubai, UAE 2017
· Finalist in “Get In the Ring” – Abu Dhabi, UAE 2017
· Finalist for Step 2017 – Dubai, UAE 2017
· TOP 50 Dubai Chamber – Dubai, UAE 2017
· Short Listed Startups Accelerator Wadi Program – Muscat – OMAN 2017

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