I am delighted to inform you that you have been chosen as a finalist in our “Pitch, please!’ contest, to be held at SME Beyond Borders, Atlantis the Palm on Thursday, October 27th. Prior to the contest, we will require you to be present in the main ballroom venue at 7:00pm on Wednesday 26th – when you will receive pre-event training from Nathan Gold, the world’s No. 1 pitch coach. 

Please note that when you pitch, you will need to observe the following –

  • Your pitch slot is strictly limited to three minutes – at which point the microphone is switched off.
  • You are required to start pitching as soon as the Moderator says “begin!”.
  • Only one person is allowed to pitch for your company.
  • You are not allowed to use support materials of any kind: this is a purely verbal pitch.

Please find attached firstly, your official certification as a shortlisted finalist; along with a briefing document, designed to help you maximize maximizer and appeal of your pitch.

Congratulations on becoming a “Pitch, please!” finalist!

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