Research began over ten years ago with the intention to design a methodology and website that would provide individuals and organizations with tools to measure and continually improve happiness. Over the years, Happiness Play (previous Autocoaching) and Pedro Amador, our founder, perfected the methodology through research and application within a number of different environments.

Happiness Play ProIn August 2016, the first version of the app was released to individuals who were used as testers of the beta version. The number of users has now reached over 30,000 with continual updates and releases based on user feedback. In 2017, the solution underwent another transformation when it was translated into English, previously only available in Spanish, which allowed Happiness Play to enter into the United Arab Emirates market.

During the development of the individual app, it was identified that there was a need to develop a tool for governments and organizations to analysis the level of happiness/satisfaction within the community. The Happiness Play Team are in discussions with an iconic Abu Dhabi and Dubai-based organization and Abu Dhabi and Dubai-based Government entity to implement and test this product.

Product development in 2017 includes the final release of the English version and begin the development of additional language capabilities. Additionally, we are expecting the improve the Happiness Play Pro product.

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