Our first milestone was the development of the Autocoaching Methodology. We started with a complete methodology to help you to be happier: 3 books, 25+ customers tested (included enterprise companies), 4,300+ people trained, 30,000+ users, strong media presence that gave us the insight to launch in 2016 Happiness Play in Dubai.

With a few easy steps, everybody can define few changes to enhance their happiness. To get there, they need to establish their strong and weak points to upgrade their behaviors and attitudes.

You will follow these steps:

  • How am I: Initial photo of your mood using the Wheel of Life, where the degree of happiness is broken down into several areas of life, health, work, leisure, love etc. that will be assessed on a 0 to 10 scale.


  • What I want: Select what (conditions or factors) you want in each area of life, similar to a desire to go somewhere special on vacation. Also, the management of various factors indicating their need, motivation, and ranking. In this step, you will be supported by number of system generated suggestions, which required years of research, which will help you to identify your ideal state and what you want in life.


  • What am I going to change: where you can develop a detailed action plan to achieve your desired goals by a given date. Happiness Play App will create reminders for you to motivate and congratulate you on your success. You can access a report, that will assist you to reflect on your life and can be used if you are seeking further professional (coaching or psychologist) support to reach your goals or to overcome obstacles. You will see how easy it is to manage your happiness with the Technology of Happiness!

How to be happy - Methodology

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