In a few days, the students of the law Autonomous University of Madrid have had the opportunity to participate in the first study that is performed with the tool HappinessPlay, working their happiness in the first person. With this application, you have been able to take a picture of your current status with the Wheel of Life, select your preferences in life (based on the extensive catalog of more than 260,000 options) and mark some changes that will be supported in your follow up. The following image shows your portal configured in

Happiness Play - La herramienta para conseguir y gestionar clientes

These the statistics obtained with the Happiness-Play Pro portal of the tool, where we will share the main results obtained. To begin with, as shown in the following figure, Thursday, November 15, 2012, is when the 40 companions are invited to perform their personalized Autocoaching.

Happiness Play- La herramienta para conseguir y gestionar clientes

Four days later, 31 wheels of life were available, that is, almost 70% of users had refilled their wheel of life.

Happiness Play- La herramienta para conseguir y gestionar clientes

The tool allows you to export the average values you have selected.

HappinessPlay- La herramienta para conseguir y gestionar clientes

You can quickly analyze your distribution in a spreadsheet:

Happiness Play- La herramienta para conseguir y gestionar clientes

With these graphs a representation of the current climate of the companions is observed:

  • In some areas of life, the graphic appears clearly, with a well-marked peak. For example, the home has a typical symbolic representation with the greatest dispersion in the 8.
  • Now (and this happens in other samples that have been analyzed) in love and work (in this case also in money) appear more than a peak. For example in the money appears a normal double with increases in the 7 and the 5. In the love exists much more chaos, probably by the early age of the whole sample. In other larger samples in love has a tendency or very good (average of 8 or 9) or that people are in serious trouble (average of 0 or 1).

Once the wheels of life have been analyzed, what do the people who have used the tool want or want at the moment? The sample is small, but some surprising results are observed, with concerns about health, leisure, and work. Of a total of 518 total conditions selected, these are the most selected:

Happiness Play- La herramienta para conseguir y gestionar clientes

Finally, at the level of marked commitments, some commonly selected changes are already observed. Of a total of 78 total changes selected, these are the most selected:

Happiness Play- La herramienta para conseguir y gestionar clientes

Finally, it is possible to verify the degree of use of the tool, proving that 70% of people have developed their wheel of life and that 55% have marked some change.

Happiness Play- La herramienta para conseguir y gestionar clientes

The final conclusion obtained in the study was: “it is demonstrated that there is a significant influence of socio-economic factors on the results, the family tradition of Spain, the current situation regarding unemployment, low consumption, cuts Wages, etc. “, i.e., the climate detected is a mirror of the current situation of the country.

The work has been carried out by María García-Echaniz, Jorge Blanco, Mario Cabañas, Carlos Carpintero, and tutored by Professor María Escat of the Autonomous University of Madrid. The great final work presented can be checked in this link (Download the work by clicking here)

Here you can check the vouchers of the team from left to right are Jorge Blanco, Carlos Carpintero, Mario Cabañas and María García-Echaniz.

Felicidad - Facultad Autónoma de Derecho


Also, it is important to include some testimonies provided by colleagues:

“The truth is that the Happiness-Play helped me more than I thought, since at the beginning I did it with the intention of helping my classmates, and in the end, it has served me to put some goals that can make me Help to be happy. Also, there were areas of my life where I was not happy, and I have realized why and several of the changes marked are to improve these points, especially in matters of friendship.

“In doing Happiness-Play, I have discovered that there are things that I have to change in my life and that these will make me happy. Some of them are that leisure is with my friends and not just with my girlfriend since they can combine both. ”

“Although I consider myself a happy person who usually thinks of positive almost always, Happiness-Play has helped me to see that there are areas of my life where I still have a lot to improve to be a little happier day by day. For example, I would like to be able to make more trips to different parts of the world, and for this I know that I have to work harder in order to earn a little more money and thus have no problem to pay for them, that is, the one who wants something , Something costs “.


More information about Happiness Play Pro here

Original Spanish version “Primer estudio de la felicidad con Happiness Play“.

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