Autocoaching was founded in 2006 to help people develop their own happiness and boost their growth, both personal and professional. We started with a complete methodology to help you to be happier: 3 books, 25+ customers tested (included enterprise companies), 4,300+ people trained, 30,000+ users, strong media presence that gave us the insight to launch in 2016 Happiness Play in Dubai, a complete solution ready to the market.


Our first milestone was the development of the Autocoaching Methodology. With a few easy steps, everybody can define a few changes to enhance their own happiness. In order to get there, they need to establish their strong and weak points to improve their behaviors and attitudes.

This intuitive methodology is the core of our products, HappinessPlay and HappinessPlay Pro, which already helps thousands of people.


Our professional services

Training to teach and present the methodology in experiential workshops of skill developments. A completely designed and customized training offer. Here are some contents presented in the courses:

  • The courage to start changing and the commitment to keep the motivation and achieve the aimed result.
  • Teaching people to stop complaining by having personal motivation and start making changes for them and their co-workers’ benefit.
  • The necessary points for committing not to fail and find a state of greater happiness.

Consulting to install, set and customize the web tool, as well as checking the usage of the methodology by other professionals.

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