Are you tired of being unsuccessful? Would you like to be loathed to death but be the one that generates the most revenue? If so, you need to painstakingly stick to the following ten rules that will help you on your way to becoming a toxic boss:

1. It´s a good idea to keep your head down. Every day that goes by without being fired for making mistakes will increase your severance package as well as the power of your kingdom.

2. Don’t complicate your life with change. Innovative ideas come and go and there’s no reason why you should put yourself at risk for anything that scares you.

3. Don’t share your ideas with anyone. Too many people will want to jump on the bandwagon.

4. Of course, you should automatically pass off any good ideas that your staff and colleagues have as your own in front of your bosses. There’s no need to name names; it all happens thanks to you.

5. Don’t show any gratitude. People are paid for their work and that should be enough.

6. Stick to your gut instincts. Or don’t worry about changing them.

7. Keep to your plan. Although you can always modify on the go.

8. Don’t admire or respect anyone, it is the best way to get others to admire and respect you.

9. Stick to what you’ve always done, it’s always done right by you. In spite of having to modify a plan so as to avoid any mistakes, only improve upon what is necessary to reach a solution.

10. At work, you’ll enjoy watching everyone else working ceaselessly with all the effort they put into their assignments.

When followed strictly, these recommendations will help you climb the ladder quickly and ensure you are in line with the 10 rules to become an incompetent professional.

Original Spanish version “Consejos para ser un jefe tóxico“.

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